May 11, 2018

ATX form factor, Slot 1 , chipset Camino. Possibly named after Canmore, Alberta. Uses the V chipset Springdale-GV. Supports Xeon series processors Lynnfield. Part of the third generation of vPro McCreary. Intel SIP4 two-socket server motherboard.

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Marathon, Greecefor which the long-distance race is named. Microserver platform built around the Intel la crosse d865glc Atom processor. Reference unknown; may be named after GrantsdaleMontana. Possibly Tannera place in King County, Washington.

The first bit Xeon processor.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Based on the L Hartwell controller chip. Intel DQ35JO desktop motherboard.

As Intel’s development activities have expanded, this nomenclature has expanded to Israel intdl Indiaand some older codenames refer to celestial bodies. Reference unknown; possibly Broadwater, Nebraska. See also List of computer technology code names. GPGPU built around a simplified x86 core a mini-core.

Slot 2 intel la crosse d865glc, NX chipset.

Probably Orion constellation or Orion Nebula. Probably the Greek god Triton. Intel Intel la crosse d865glc series of 6U pedestal or rackmount server crosae. Most processors after a certain date were named after cities that could be found on the map of the United States. Probably named after Boulder Creekin Boulder Colorado.

List of Intel codenames

Atom S, a dual-core SoC aimed at low-power, high-density servers. Essentially a Banias -based Celeron M with the L2 cache removed.

Reference unknown; see Glenwood disambiguation for possibilities. Aladdin character of Arabian Nights. Probably Rapid City, South Dakota.

Kikayon is the Hebrew name of a plant mentioned in the Biblical Book of Jonah. Formerly called Dana Point. Intel EB Ethernet controller. Slot 1D865hlc Natoma chipset.

Kaby Lake is the shortened name for Kabinakagami Lake, a large lake approximately 70 miles north of Wawa, Ontario. Reference unknown; see Shiloh disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel products Lists of computer terms Frosse names. Atom Z series processors, intended for tablet computers. Intel DH57DD desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Springdale disambiguation for possibilities.

The Xeon and series CPUs, with 4, 6, or 8 cores, intended for large multi-socket servers. Intel AH series server motherboards. Possibly named after Medfield, Massachusetts.