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May 4, 2018

When I downloaded the specific drivers for Bluetooth and Wireless LAN that you have listed, and double clicked the setup. Do you think by upgrading it may improve? SystemExplorer Link – http: Go to Registry Editor regedit. After downloading the drivers how do we install them?

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Alan 13 October, No other site offered the driver or the solution. Angela 2 May, Yes, it is mjb38x with all laptops models including yours.

Should I remove Lenovo Welcome?

Any help you can offer. Requires registration at https: I have latest drivers. Check it since there is a newer Realtek driver. Alex 22 April, Gonzalo Infante 10 April, Common models HP EliteBook p 9. If I boot Windows 10 in safe mode, the devices are detected ok.

Драйвера для Acer Aspire 5930, 5930G и 5930Z

Naks 14 May, Me 30 April, Julian, you can use many drivers from the post according to the P52F support page. This application keeps your system up-to-date, identifying new jmicron jmb38x flash media controller available for your Intel components. Vimalesan 19 June, Thanks a lot for the drivers for Asus K55VJ.

Ben 5 August, The Intel video driver has a flaw it causes the tablet side of the system to not work.

If you then want to install it again, here you can download Synaptics drivers. I had checked the memory with windows memory diagnostics before the clean install and it was clean and the Sea Tools jmicron jmb38x flash media controller said my drive was in good health and chkdsk did not find any issues.

Nothing available at Mddia downloads – Korean downloads does have some content. Tudor, yes, all good for any laptop.

Драйвера для Acer Aspire , G и Z

Tanvi 30 July, Maybe one of those solves your issue. Thanks mate for your helpful information.

Great site Ivan all I need is for you to do the same for my Samsung series 4 laptop as Samsung have washed their hands of any windows 10 upgrades and the have stopped making laptops heh. Michael Newell 27 December, Keep up the great work. Any way you can post the chip sets for Haswell also.

Driver Reference Table (DRT)

Ivan 5 October, Maybe flazh heat management now will allow me jmicron jmb38x flash media controller keep the jmicron jmb38x flash media controller closed when gaming. Alex 12 December, BAK and see if that fixes the problem. Hi Ivan, great help on this. Srdjan 25 January, I have even chatted with an Asus tech trying to remedy the problem. This has helped me on multiple occasions and is my go-to site when I encounter issues on my Asus laptop.

Also, any way you can make the page not auto scroll down?

Lenovo Welcome

Gonzalo 13 March, Josh Eck 7 August, Silver 10 February, Please keep flzsh updated. I hope recurring users find it useful.

So, I updated the link back to the latest In the ROG forum someone said: Appears to be a division of Sybase. Henry 1 May, flsh Can you just put a date when a certain driver is released? Lifespan of installation until removal.